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Quit lugging around all those bags, you need a market basketAdd to ...

This is why I love and could not live without my lightweight Parisian-style market basket. Shaped like an upside-down bonnet, it’s handwoven in sturdy palm leaf with a comfortable leather handle. Somehow no matter how heavy a load I pack into it, the weight stays nicely distributed and you never get your circulation cut off or deep groves in your hands as you do lugging too many heavy plastic bags. The basket is eco-friendly, of course, but it’s also eye-friendly. Just reaching for it puts me in a good mood, and when there are things like carrot tops and baguettes sticking out of it, the basket looks all the more promising – and the food in it all the more appealing. They’re not just practical, these baskets, they give food shopping a bit of romance! Not everyone fancies shopping every day on foot (and, unless you’re living in a city centre, you probably can’t), but most do relish a fragrant farmers’ market on the weekend, and that time of year is coming up fast. Just think how much more fun it will be trotting from stand to stand ferreting out fresh strawberries and fava beans with a lovely basket dangling from your arm!

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