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Another 59 people have been injured and taken to hospitals, including five in serious condition. The blaze on Saturday hit the mountainous area of Pedrogao Grande amid an intense heat wave and rainless thunderstorms. Police said a lightning striking a tree probably caused the fire. Hundreds of firefighters were still battling the flames on Sunday. Various local motorways were shut for safety reasons. "The smoke cloud is very low, which does not allow helicopters and fire planes to work efficiently ... but we're doing everything possible and impossible to put out this fire," Gomes said, adding that no villages were currently at risk. President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visited the site of the tragedy during the night and later expressed his condolences. The "situation is unfortunately atypical ...

We're used to hearing about the lives of young people in cities - but what's it like to be a young adult in a remote area? Meet three women in Fort William, as they reflect on life in rural Scotland. Living here rather than in the city, I miss out on meeting lots of new people and on shopping. But I think people who live in a city miss out on close friendship networks. One day I may leave but only to better my chances in a good career – I hope to become a counsellor or a psychologist. The best thing about living here is mainly the scenery. On a good day it looks great – even when it’s raining it still looks pretty good. Watching the sun come up when it’s six o’clock, when you’ve been awake all night you can see the red coming in through the window, it’s pretty cool, it’s lovely. There isn’t much here for young people to spend their money on - I have bought the same shade of lipstick from Superdrug so many times. It’s a nice sized town, but sometimes it feels a bit too small. Some people are very small minded too.

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