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"They're two worlds apart, but they're kind of similar." Image copyright HALLA WALLA Image caption The app's creators say foods are among their most requested emojis Decoding the most popular Arab emojis Shway-Shway The shway-shway gif is an early hit with the app's users. Shway means "little", but two shways are a plea to slow down. It's a popular saying with a matching gesture - a pinch formed with all the fingers and an upturned palm. Eriko explains: "It basically means, 'wait, I'm coming!' or 'calm down!'" Image copyright HALLA WALLA Image caption Shway shway is a common phrase and a firm favourite on the app Inshallah "Inshallah" is Arabic for "god willing", and an everyday phrase in the Gulf. Yasmine's example: "A lot of people here say 'Inshallah, inshallah!' - god willing. So if I ask you for coffee - and you say, 'inshallah' - that means it can go two ways. Inshallah doesn't mean 100%. It's more of a 50/50. It means OK, maybe!" Image copyright HALLA WALLA Image caption Inshallah is one of the app's most used word emojis Sword dancing man It's a vaguely menacing man waving a sword over his head.

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