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The luxury knitwear company Missoni knitted hundreds of pink pussy hats in a statement of solidarity with the recent women's marches across the United States, and left them on the seats at their runway show. All of the models donned them for the finale. At the end of the show, creative director Angela Missoni asked the crowd to don the caps and join her on the runway in solidarity. "I feel the need to recognize that in a time of uncertainty that there is a bond between us that can keep us safe," Missoni said to shouts of agreement. "The bond that unites those that respect all human rights. Please join me and my family on this catwalk, and let's show the world that the fashion community is united and fearless." ___ SCERVINO'S SOLDIER If there is a theme permeating the Milan runway, it's about female empowerment. Even Ermanno Scervino has militarized his trademark lace. The Florentine designer transposed military markings onto his feminine forms. Lacy tops were worn with olive green trousers tied with a military stripe belt.

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