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Revolutionaries murdered Nicholas II - the last tsar - with his wife and children in 1918. The Church made most of the murdered family saints in 2000. President Vladimir Putin has done much to restore the Church's prestige. In the past some Russian Orthodox worshippers have claimed to see myrrh seeping from holy icons - but not from any busts of the old ruling family, the Romanovs. Image copyright PA Image caption The Romanovs in 1914: From left: Olga, Maria, Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra, Anastasia, Tsarevich Alexei and Tatiana Ms Poklonskaya's claim about the bust in Crimea's capital Simferopol was derided by some on Russian social media. She claimed it was a sign that the dead tsar wanted Russia to "prosper and be great again", 100 years after his abdication. 'Continue observations' The Crimean branch of the Russian Orthodox Church said its commission "did not detect traces of holy secretion on the bronze bust... nor on icons in the [nearby] chapel". The Church said the chapel's priest "should continue observations, and if there are any traces of holy secretion he should immediately inform the bishop and the commission". In the past some Roman Catholic worshippers have also made claims about weeping statues of the Virgin Mary.

Of course, there is a huge element of I remember when all this was fields about any rumination on the internet. It will be for the younger generations to rise up and rebel against constant connectivity. The most enlightened types by 2050, I think, will be humans who can flip between constant media stimulation and digital detox without clinging and craving. I have little hope of this happening soon. A constant cause of argument among the extended Dent family right now is the lip-syncing-based social network Music.ly. This connects children via the sharing of pouting, preening six-second clips, performed in the squeaky manner of one of Alvins Chipmunks. Hearts are doled out in mutual admiration. All childhood loneliness is banished, replaced by constant, never-ending attention and the quest for followers, even fame. It is, roughly speaking, the Japanese knotweed of kids social media: invasive, harmful and a thorough nuisance.

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