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20 September 2016 Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images Would you stop throwing things away and get them repaired instead, if it were cheaper to do so? The Swedish government likes to think its citizens would, and is putting the idea into practice. The ชุดว่ายน้ำ facebook country's Budget for 2017 will cut the VAT rate charged on minor repairs to things like bicycles, shoes and clothes. Tax refunds will be offered to people who get their white goods repaired, like washing machines and dishwashers. The VAT rate will be cut from 25% to 12%, and the tax refund will let people reclaim half the labour cost of a repair to white goods and kitchen stoves. The idea of encouraging people to be less wasteful in their everyday lives has been promoted by the Swedish Green party, which is a partner in the country's ruling minority coalition government, along with the Swedish Social Democrats. Media captionSweden is using tax incentives to encourage repairs Sustainable consumption One of the six Green ministers is Per Bolund, the deputy finance minister. He told the BBC that the plans are part of a wider strategy which the government is launching for sustainable consumption. "The emissions from Sweden affecting the climate are decreasing but emissions from consumption are increasing," he says.

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