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So far, no harm has been reported. The error occurred when a mail redirection company hired by the NHS failed to pass on documents that had either been incorrectly addressed or needed re-routing because the patient had moved to a new GP surgery. Immediate investigation An NHS England spokesperson said: "A team including clinical experts has reviewed that old correspondence and it has now all been delivered wherever possible to the correct practice." Speaking in the House of Commons, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt confirmed that 2,000 of the higher risk cases had now been reassessed by doctors - at a cost of 2.2m - with no harm detected. The remaining 500 are still being assessed. He said it was "completely extraordinary" that so much data had gone missing unnoticed for so long. Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth described the "astonishing" failure as an "absolute scandal". "The news is heartbreaking for the families involved and it will be scarcely believable for these hospitals and GPs who are doing their best to deliver services despite the neglect of the government. We urgently need to know how this was allowed to happen, how many patients were involved and how many บิกินี่ ราคาถูก have been harmed, and whether patients remain at risk." Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt first disclosed the data error in July 2016, but, at that time, did not say how many primary care patients had been affected. Dr Richard Vautrey of the British Medical Association said the error would have meant some GPs were treating patients without all the relevant information that they needed. "That might mean repeat prescriptions, which would be unnecessary, as they have been taken before. And it might mean delay in diagnosis.

Most people want Cuba to be democratic. They want it to be Internet accessible. Now the Virginia-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, wants the island to get vegan. So the group sent women clad in scanty, lettuce-leaf bikinis on a commercial flight from Fort Lauderdale to Havana. Their mission: persuade Cubans to stop eating meat, dairy and eggs and give them vegan starter kits for eating pure fruit and vegetable diets. Fine except theres just one problem. Cubans dont have a lot of vegetables to go vegan with. Food production in general is a struggle in their communist country and greens like, say, lettuce can be scarce and expensive. A report by Cubas public health ministry a few years ago found Cubans eat vegetables only three days a week. A PETA spokeswoman says the starter-kit recipes include vegan ingredients more readily available in Cuba, like black beans and plantains.

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