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On Saturday, dancers swapped their ballet slippers for sneakers and donned the labels Action Capsule collection. There were no tutus during the Opening Ceremony ballet performance. Instead, Dancers wore streetwear that more closely resembled T-shirts youd see at a campus protestthan on a runway: tank tops, in hues whose boldness isonly beatby the shirts text, mobilizingus to DEFY, ACT, SHOUT, FIGHT. Theres no ambiguity: The clothing serves asa call to action. I feel like in the past, the ballet hasnt necessarily directly commented. But this is done in such a way where it reflects whats happening, but in a way that both allows you to escape andmoves you to feel and to react, Lim told Yahoo Style. The Action Capsule shirtswere not the only statement pieces (ahem) to come out of the collaborative project. Google partnered with Opening Ceremony to design Live cases for its Pixel and Nexus phones that complement the clothing brands springcollection. View photos Google created $40 Live Cases for its Pixel and Nexus phones that match the Opening Ceremonys Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection. (Photo: (L) Tom Johnson for Opening Ceremony; (R) Courtesy of Google) More On how Opening Ceremony tries to reach beyond the fashion world, Lim said, in using a phone as a canvas, were not only extending our collection, but also drawing attention to the importance of community to expand the conversation. This isnt the first time Leon and Lim have opted out of a traditional New York Fashion Week runway show. Last year, the brands Pageant of the People attracted Claire Danes, Andrew Garfield,andAziz Ansari as it championed democracy and diversity. (Saturdays performance broughtjust as many notable names, including fashion writerDerek Blasberg, actress and activist Maggie Gyllenhaal, and actor Finn Wittrock.) As other designers prepare for upcoming New York Fashion Week runway shows, Leon and Lim will continue to engage in the political and cultural issues that matter most to them.

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